What is NAMI SEAZ?

The National Alliance and Mental Illness Southeastern Arizona chapter (NAMI SEAZ) is a non-profit 501c3 organization. NAMI SEAZ is 1 of 10 chapters in Arizona; serving Cochise, Graham, Greenlee, and Santa Cruz Counties. NAMI SEAZ was incorporated in June 2003. NAMI SEAZ is located in the SEAZBHS Building, 4755 Campus Drive, Sierra Vista, AZ 85635. 

Where does the money go?

Because the march is a local event all money raised will stay in Southeastern Arizona to support NAMI SEAZ's free programs, including: peer support, mental health training, advocacy, information and referral services, and a self-help library. NAMI SEAZ receives its support through fundraising activities, small grants, private donations, and membership dues.

What is the goal of the March for Mental Health?

The March for Mental Health is an annual event to raise funds for NAMI SEAZ and promote awareness of mental health issues facing our communities. All services provided by NAMI SEAZ are free of charge and open to the public

What is NAMI's mission?

NAMI Southeastern Arizona’s mission is to bring hope, support and encouragement to individuals and families impacted by mental illness, and raise mental health awareness in our communities. 

Our services are designed to:

• Acknowledge the intrinsic value of each person and their unique strengths and experiences;

• Empower individuals and family members through peer-operated support, education and training opportunities;

• Provide members access to resources that support recovery;

• Promote recovery and reduce stigma and discrimination;

• Increase public awareness and better understanding of brain based illnesses;

• Carry out other charitable activities consistent with our mission and vision.